Business Continuity Planning

Natural calamities, endemics/pandemics and man-made disasters such as cyber-attacks pose their own set of challenges that can affect the continuity of an entire business. GeBBS recognizes the need for an effective Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to successfully provide its services to its clients. We are committed to ensuring our client businesses continue to run smoothly during and after a catastrophe – whether man-made or natural.


The BCP Governance team consists of GeBBS leadership and senior management and is responsible for assessing a crisis situation, the business risk involved, making the decision as to whether BCP should be invoked, controlling risks and managing ongoing operations. The BCP Governance team also provides guidance and ensures that necessary resources are devoted to creating, maintaining, and testing the plan for disaster recovery and business continuity. GeBBS categorizes disasters into the following 4 levels:


A BCP Task Force may be established as a sub-committee under the BCP Governance team to manage a Level 3 and Level 4 disaster scenario, to oversee the implementation of the continuity plan, including arrangements for transportation, safety arrangements, lodging, etc. The BCP Task Force will consist of Managers, Operation Directors, HR, IT, Compliance and Client Services.


The CMT will be responsible for the task level implementation, management, testing and operation of the plan.

Tyler Cowart | June 24, 2020