From our Clients

“The entire GeBBS team is actively engaged in finding opportunities and recommending and implementing solutions to maximize revenue cycle performance. The communication is the best I’ve ever experienced from a
service partner. The GeBBS team is a partner and valuable resource that I can trust and expect results.”

Matthew Lauck
Ambulatory Service Manager of Norwegian American Hospital

“The days of slow and low production are gone.  After initially contracting with three BPOs, I put all my business exclusively in the hands of GeBBS.  The professionalism demonstrated by the management team of GeBBS, along with the expertise and knowledge from the coding team, proved to be a perfect match.  I no longer view my relationship with GeBBS as a contract, but rather as a true partnership.”

Debbie Campbell
President & CEO of Medical Business Office, Inc.

“GeBBS remote CDI employees are dependable, reliable, flexible and enjoyable to work with; as is the company at large.”

Corporate Director for CDI
West Coast Health System

“What the firm excels at is having their entire leadership engage with customers. When we work with the firm, we can pick up the phone and call our personal account manager, and we can call anybody on the operational side. There is engagement across the entire organization. GeBBS Healthcare Solutions has partnered with us and has worked strategically with us. Their executives are very engaged, and the firm has been flexible with how we set up our accounts. GeBBS Healthcare Solutions is open to helping us get our executive team comfortable with the processes. The firm has been a true partner throughout the entire process.”

Vice President

“GeBBS Healthcare Solutions has been a good partner. Coding is in their
wheelhouse. Our coding is more complex, and we can’t find enough coders to meet our demand, so we are working with the firm and training them to help us with that coding. We have to build our capacity with them. We use them for a lot of other things too.”

Vice President

“I would buy GeBBs Healthcare Solutions’ services again. The vendor has exceeded my expectations.”


“The GeBBS global coding team has consistently adjusted staffing to address our growing volumes and continue to meet our needs from a quality and cost perspective.”


“GeBBS Healthcare Solutions is flexible according to our needs and reliable when we need additional help. We feel that the GeBBS Healthcare Solutions people are an extension of our back office, and they provide revenue cycle expertise when we don’t have the in-house resources.”


From Patients

“I would like to compliment (GeBBS rep) cause she made my whole experience very easy. She was kind and efficient. I am from Arizona and I know it’s difficult to do all the billings and payment. But trust me, when I say she did a good job.  She was excellent and I thought on sharing it with you.”

News Release | June 9, 2015