How Improving Provider-Payer Relationships Can Drive Quality & Value

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The healthcare industry is abuzz with talk of accountable care, population health, and the shift to value-based care.  And, while it’s a new world for providers and payers alike, there’s a great deal to be gained for everyone involved – particularly patients, especially when it comes to attaining the quality and value that accountable care …

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Five-Year Growth Explosion Anticipated for Medical Billing Outsourcing

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The administrative costs associated with medical billing outsourcing within a physician practice are becoming unmanageable for independent and major health system affiliated practices alike. A 2018 research study was conducted by experts at Duke University and Harvard designed to examine the administrative costs specific to large academic medical centers using electronic health record (EHR) technology …

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Keeping an Eye on Value-Based Care – 3 Things to Watch

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“Work smarter, not harder.” This age-old philosophy is the mantra behind value-based health care. After all, more health care doesn’t necessarily mean better outcomes – this much has been proven by evidence-based medicine time and again. As the fee-for-service model of health care slowly fades away, true value-based care (and all the benefits that come with it) is finally becoming a reality. Better coordination of patient care, communicating with patients, decreasing unnecessary and/or duplicate services – and incentivizing those who truly improve care (and not just those who deliver more) is happening across the country as health systems and providers shift models of care while desperately trying to preserve their reimbursement.

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