GeBBS Healthcare Solutions presents webinars hosted with affiliated partners.

  • Tech Demo: GeBBS & AHIMA – Improving Compliance Audit Outcomes

    COIVD has impacted all areas of operations in Healthcare, including compliance operations and needs.   Today we are going to hear from Katie Daugherty with GeBBS Healthcare Solutions.  GeBBS Healthcare Solutions is a KLAS rated leading provider of technology-enabled Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services and solutions in Health Information Management (HIM), Accounts Receivable (A/R) and Risk Adjustment outsourcing with 2nd largest pool of certified coders. Katie will speak about how GeBBS is helping their clients with cost effective solutions that maximize outcomes from outsourcing coding to bringing auditing in house during these complex times. 

  • Webinar: Automation Anywhere – Is Hyper Automation A NEW Transformation in Revenue Cycle?

    Hyper automation can help reduce mundane work, increase productivity, reduce cycle time with robust compliance. BOTs can automate claim processing, prior authorization, speedy enrollment, ensuring swift handoffs from patient management to claims settlement and billing, and other aspects of healthcare.

  • Webinar: The Advisory Board – The AI Ecosystem & Its Adoption in Healthcare

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved over many decades. Although the health care industry has lagged other industries in implementing AI, hospitals, health systems, health plans and other stakeholders are increasingly viewing AI as a necessary strategic asset.

    A new generation of machine-learning powered predictive models, contextual decision support, and process automation can help reduce cost, eliminate system redundancies, and deliver concise, actionable insights to strategic, clinical, and operational decision makers.

  • The Academy: Transforming Front End RCM to a Revenue Generating Center

    Providing a positive patient experience is a top priority for all health systems. And increasingly this refers to more than just bedside care. Patients are engaging with health systems through digital channels with more touch points to operations like revenue cycle management (RCM) earlier on in their care journey, which can shape their entire experience – and ultimately impact health systems’ bottom line.

  • Think Tank: RISE Health Association – The New Normal – Tackling the Future of Risk Adjustment and Technology

    RISE and GeBBS hosted a two-hour think tank with hand-picked executives from payer, providers, health systems, and other innovators at RISE National 2021 in March to brainstorm practical and compliant technology innovations that will impact the future of health care.

  • Webinar: RISE Health Association – Insourced or Outsourced: Take Control of Your Risk Adjustment and HEDIS Initiatives

    As we have experienced since the pandemic began, constant change is all we can plan on when it comes to CMS requirements and submission deadlines. In addition, things are changing within our own departments as well as those we are working with, making resource management a more critical element than it has been previously. This not only includes managing internal resources but also those of your vendor partners. The solution or strategy to better manage through these constantly evolving requirements and changes comes down to better data management. This webinar will also discuss the importance of better tools and technology within Risk Adjustment and HEDIS.
  • Webinar: BCG – Financial Impact of Revenue Cycle Outsourcing in a Post Pandemic World

    COVID-19 continues to have an unprecedented impact on businesses, communities, people, and healthcare around the world. Hospital and Health System leaders are being forced to re-evaluate their RCM strategies and as profit margins shrink, leaders need to learn how to do more with less. Engaging collaborative partners can enhance flexibility and overall performance within all areas of the revenue cycle and by providing the expertise and capability to scale and deliver as needs arise.

  • Webinar: McDermott Will & Emery, McDermott+Consulting – Telehealth Compliance: Implications on Billing, Coding, & Reimbursement

    Patients and providers will continue to engage with one another virtually after COVID-19. This engagement includes and is impacted by various factors, such as the state of payer coverage and reimbursement, telehealth laws and regulations, professional licensure requirements, technology capabilities, broadband access, and many others. To increase reimbursement and stay competitive in the industry, providers must understand new rules and regulations—as well as implement specific telehealth procedures to stay compliant.

  • Webinar: GeBBS – RCM Leaders Discuss Strategies to Improve Financial Performance

    For RCM leaders in health systems, the accelerated move to virtual care, payer mix changes, cash flow interruptions, and the shift to a remote staffing model has disrupted revenue cycle operations and impacted financial stability. Now, health system leaders are refocusing their thinking, from responding to the pandemic to planning for the future. In this session, we will explore the experiences and plans for moving forward with a diverse panel of finance and revenue cycle leaders from both health systems and hospitals across the nation.

  • Webinar: RISE Health Association – Risk Adjustment Strategies Between Payers and Providers: Real Life Tactical Examples from Industry Leaders

    In this Panel Webinar, industry leaders from both sides will present the audience with specific risk strategies between payers and providers. Real life tactical examples will be discussed, and the panelists will explicitly depict how these risk strategies can reduce provider abrasion, increase savings, and reduce cost. Relevant data will also be shared in order to have better analytics and drive better outcomes. Insights from speakers will also include the impacts of the Covid pandemic and how it has affected telehealth and risk for both payers and providers.
  • Webinar: GeBBS – Physician Staffing Organizations: Solutions to Maximize Revenue and Manage Compliance

    Gain actionable insights on improving your RCM performance, increase patient collections, and manage staff productivity. The session will also focus on best practices to engage patients and reassure them of the safety and necessity of seeking healthcare, optimize capacity utilization in the face of unpredictable demand, and manage complex new billing requirements and constantly changing policies.
  • Webinar: GeBBS – Navigating Revenue Cycle and Patient Access Operations During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic

    COVID-19 has brought challenges to us all. For physician group leaders, volume shifts, the accelerated move to virtual care, payer mix changes, cash flow interruptions, and the shift to a remote staffing model have disrupted revenue cycle operations and impacted financial stability. Now, organizations are refocusing their thinking, from responding to the pandemic to planning for the future. In this session, we will explore the experiences and plans for moving forward with a diverse panel of finance and revenue cycle leaders from both integrated and independent medical groups across the nation.

  • Webinar: RISE Health Association – The Likely Impact on Risk Adjusted Lines of Business Due to COVID

    In this Webinar, you will hear from four different industry leaders surrounding how the pandemic lockdown and suppression of health care services are likely to impact risk scores and payments for risk-adjusted lines of businesses. You will have a chance to interact and hear real-time feedback in these uncharted times. Discussions will happen around what challenges plans are already facing with the pandemic. How to be prepared for changes that are inevitable.

  • Webinar: GeBBS – iCode Assurance: Coding Audit Software

    GeBBS Healthcare Solutions presents their coding audit software, iCode Assurance.

  • Webinar: GeBBS – iCode Workflow: Coding Platform

    GeBBS Healthcare Solutions presents their coding workflow platform, iCode Workflow.

  • Webinar: RISE Association – Be Prepared Proactive Steps to Mitigate RADV Exposure

    Do the four letters R A D V keep you up at night? Are you concerned that you don’t have the right insights into how your organization would stand up to a risk adjustment coding and documentation audit? If you would like to learn more about the best practices to ensure a successful coding program, then this webinar is for you!

  • Webinar: HBMA – Optimize and Enhance Your AR Leveraging Workflow Technology

    HBMA & GeBBS Healthcare Solutions presents: Optimize and Enhance Your AR Leveraging Workflow Technology.

eBrandz | January 27, 2020