Coding and Documentation Compliance Audits

Telehealth visits have significantly increased due to COVID-19, with 76% of patients reporting they are likely to continue using telehealth in the future. As a result, telehealth has gone from a slowly emerging patient care technology to a ready for primetime technology.

The impact of telehealth on billing, coding, reimbursement, and the overall revenue cycle cannot be underestimated. Selecting the proper billing codes, visit levels, modifiers, and types of service has never been more critical amidst a flurry of ongoing changes in both provider and payer guidelines. Trending utilization and performance, identifying risk to avoid denials, and monitoring revenue impact can ensure a successful transition into the “new normal.”

GeBBS’ is at the forefront of this change, continuously monitoring updates and releases and partnering with leading industry experts to transfer and share our knowledge with clients. Our goal is to ensure that our clients maximize reimbursement and stay compliant. Our technology and solutions help clients navigate the complexities of timely, accurate, and compliant telehealth billing and coding.

GeBBS Technology-enabled Telehealth Solution Offers:

  • Rules engine to identify suspected risk and opportunity
  • Concurrent Review and Retrospective Review
  • Robust reporting & analytics along with coder and provider education
  • E&M Calculator to accurately assign the right level of service for Telehealth
  • Telehealth Benchmarking across organization
  • Auditing of Telehealth services
  • Integration with all EMR and PMS’
  • Cost-effective solutions to maximize revenue

We support hospitals, multi-specialty clinics, and other large medical groups in developing new and emerging ways to maximize revenue and increase compliance. Whether you need comprehensive revenue cycle management services or assistance in telehealth billing, we are prepared to meet your needs.

Want to learn more about Telehealth?

Want to learn more about Telehealth?

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