Simplified Revenue Cycle Management Solutions to Meet Your Financial Goals 

Be it health systems or health plans, our scalable, end-to-end RCM solutions and clinical expertise help meet your financial goals, increase productivity, and above all enhance patient satisfaction. 

Sync. Build. Collaborate

Embrace the GeBBS advantage. Entrust our strategic payer and provider revenue cycle management outsourcing solutions to reduce operating and capital costs, optimize and recover your revenue, improve patient satisfaction, and increase productivity.


Accelerated time to scale & deploy with 60% coders having multi-specialty capabilities


Domain expertise with minimum 10-15 years experience for supervisory team


World-class infrastructure equipped for 10,000+ calls/day in efficient 20-sec response time


3,000+ AHIMA / AAPC certified coders

Our Numbers Speak to Our Performance

Our in-depth healthcare industry expertise coupled with a versatile and adaptable team helps us provide comprehensive and thoughtful end-to-end solutions for our clients. GeBBS Healthcare Solutions is one of the largest revenue cycle management companies in the US (Modern Healthcare 2022 - Top 3 Ranking).

RCM Solutions That Make a Difference

Our holistic hospital revenue cycle management solutions help our clients stay ahead of the curve and maintain their status as the largest healthcare organizations and health plans in the country!

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Our AI-enabled technology platforms are adaptable, customizable, intelligent and strive to increase our clients’ visibility into their data, automate processes, streamline workflow, and provide business intelligence to enhance the decision-making process.

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Over 150 Healthcare Organizations
Partner with GeBBS

Our long-standing evangelists trust us for our innovative end-to-end solutions.


Blake Graves

Sr. VP - Radiology Partners

“The GeBBS team is really an extension of our business. The work that they do day in and day out helps support over 15 million patients, which we serve across all 50 states of the United States.”


Lisa Zimmermen

Director of Global Business Operations, Quadax

GeBBS has provided phenominal service to us. We are very impressed with GeBBS’ capability. During COVID, we had to ramp up very quickly and GeBBS was with us every step of the way. I also appreciate the attention to detail and the sense of urgency when we come to them with a problem.


Sue Shaffer

VP - Revenue Cycle

“They have been very responsive to our needs and helped us achieve the goals set by our practice to increase revenue and bring down denials. I’m very pleased with our partnership!” 


Craig A. Adkins

VP Rev Cycle Management, Advanced MD

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions has been our business partner for almost 3 years. They are a very proactive, innovative organization; always looking for ways to improve the revenue cycle. Their management team is responsive, they follow through on their commitments. They are also a very honest and transparent organization, which of course, is very valuable to us.


Keegan Scanlon

VP - Radiology Partners

“I want to thank the GeBBS teammates for all the work they do every single day helping us with the transformation in Radiology.”


Michael Weed

SVP of Financial Operations

“Our relationship with GeBBS Healthcare Solutions has been great. They are very attentive to customer service and to what clients ask for. GeBBS Healthcare Solutions is very flexible. GeBBS is also super receptive to feedback we give them about processes. They are open to making course corrections. I really enjoy working with members of the leadership team. They are very easy to work with, and they are eager to give feedback about strategy. We always want someone to point out our blind spots and ways we can improve. GeBBS Healthcare Solutions is willing and open to that. That is a plus.”

Impact Stories
That Reflect Success


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