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Learning and Development

We are continuously helping you to make an impact through our learning programs

GeBBS Inovation Council

GeBBS Innovation Council (GIC) started with the vision of creating entrepreneurs and encouraging innovation, grooming leadership and ensuring continuous improvement. 

The objective of the program is to provide a platform & recognize employees whose projects have an impact on people, systems, and processes in the organization, grooming the employees at the managerial level on their leadership skills, creating entrepreneurs, and providing encouragement for their continuous development. The members of the council undertake projects that have a business impact, commitment & client centricity. The implementation of these projects is reflected in the success achieved by our company in various spheres of the healthcare industry. With the new mantra ‘Automate – Innovate – Transform’ members of the council, create, develop & implement projects across the organization.

GeBBS Innovation Council

Project Framework

Projects are structured using the DMAIC or the PMP methodology in a phased manner. Requisite trainings are provided on the concepts of PMP & Six Sigma Participants go through the training programs and enhance their leadership competencies. A business sponsor, mentor & requisite team members are assigned to each GIC Project Lead to ensure successful completion of the projects.


Members who complete the project get a certificate of completion. The projects nominated for Black Belt or Green Belt get the certification based on completion of project and six sigma tools and methodology used. Top three projects are selected by the GIC Panel as winners of the competition and are awarded either a management development program or a holiday

gebbs gurukool

GeBBS built our own learning management and knowledge management systems on a structured framework for capturing, standardizing, sharing, measuring, and collateralizing knowledge.

It has helped trainees

  • Nominate themselves for any training programs
  • Take e-learning modules as per their convenient time
  • Take assessments & provide feedback
  • View various reports related to training

The program automates learning activities and provides a framework that can handle all aspects of e-learning like planning, authorizing, administering, and evaluating the effectiveness of specific modules. It also hosts all the educational content created in the organization.

E-Learning Studio

Comprehensive in-house trainings offered at the GeBBS training academy

CM training phase

End to end modules available on GuruKool for e-learning, including RCM modules

NHT training video

Denial videos created based on scenarios for training purposes

LEAP is a highly successful flagship program at GeBBS. It is a specialized training program designed for our frontline leaders to enhance their skills sets and set them onto a path of success.

Post the training session, each participant has to carry out an 8 weeks project work by which they have to work on improving two operations metrics chosen by them. At the end of project work, a presentation has to be made to the panel to show the improvement from the training program.

Flagship program

Program to enhance the skills sets 

Soft skills sessions

The soft skills sessions are conducted over 12 weeks. Each session focuses on crucial skills ranging from leadership skills to OPS Management The modules include GeBBS Values and Culture, Organizational Communication, Business Etiquette, Operations Management, LEAN, Time Management, Emotional Intelligence, Managing Self & Others, Conflict Management, Creative Problem Solving, Coaching, Supervisory Skills, Situational Leadership, project work, and evaluation.


Scoring will be done on various defined parameters and the participants will be LEAP certified, if they are successfully evaluated in both the soft skills and the operations management training sessions. LEAP was created for the existing TL/QAL population.

Ascend-Internal Job Promotion (IJP) is a part of our HR strategy, which helps upskill our employees. We encourage employees across different GeBBS offices to develop and advance their skills so they can propel their careers to the next level.

It has a lot of Benefits

  • Enrolled employees may move to parallel verticals or get promoted to senior job roles within the same vertical.


    We implement our IJP program across all levels – junior, middle, and senior for all verticals. 


    IJPs are also applicable to those looking to switch their career paths and explore something new at the same level within the organization. 


    IJP makes it easier for us to retain talent and give our employees the exposure and career progression they want.

GenNex is a Competency based intervention targeted at developing the managerial efficiencies of frontline Supervisors. The program covers leadership skills and operations management concepts that would be required by managers to perform effectively in their role. As part of the learning framework, the candidates will go through the different learning components over a period of six months leading up to their certification.The target audience for the program are Senior Team Leaders/Senior Quality Assurance Leaders.


The intervention is divided into 2 phases:

Assessment Center (AC)

In the Assessment Centre employees are evaluated on the competencies and based on the results, employees move to the next phase

Development Center (DC)

DC is a 6-month intervention which aims at enhancing the managerial efficiencies of the employee through simulations, training programs, assignments, book reviews and projects. Post completion of the DC phase, employees undergo a post AC. On successful completion of all the phases, an employee will be deployed as an AM in the organization.

LEAD is a competency-based intervention focusing on the career progression of employees from an associate level to a TL/QAL level. The strengths & improvement needs relative to the next level are identified through a series of competency based exercises and are observed by trained Assessors. The program is conducted twice a year and each training session is for 8 hours, and each batch of LEAD covers a 3-month timespan. 

Based on the eligibility criteria the top performing employees from AR, Coding, Billing Solutions and Business Excellence will be selected for the LEAD program.

LEAD Program

The program is divided into 2 phases

Development Centre

Development Centre focuses on an overall development of the employees ranging from RCM knowledge to Supervisory Skills including a host of assessments & a Yellow Belt project.

Assessment Centre

During an Assessment Centre, employees will be assessed on the competencies that are required at a TL/QAL level. Once an employee clears all the assessment toll gates, they are then deployed either as a TL/QAL.

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