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GeBBS sets industry benchmarks and maintains rigorously high standards for information security, compliance, and business continuity.

Our Culture Promotes Safety, Compliance, and Governance to Ensure Consistent and Secure Services

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GeBBS considers information security management an important market differentiator. Therefore, we prioritize implementing strong information security management systems.

GeBBS has adopted the ISO 27001 information security framework, which a qualified external assessor has certified.

We perform comprehensive and rigorous internal information security audits regularly and ensure we stay compliant with contractual obligations.

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GeBBS recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy and integrity of every individual’s health information. Therefore we initiated our HIPAA compliance program in 2005.

GeBBS has a dedicated HIPAA compliance team, led by a Compliance Officer who coordinates, monitors, and maintains customized compliance plans for different organizations.

GeBBS conducts compliance training programs for our employees regularly.
By adopting a best-practices approach to privacy and security, we deliver services and products with high ethical and quality standards, which enable our clients to meet HIPAA requirements.

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All our delivery centers conform to our internal infrastructure risk standards. We enable 24/7 BPO operations by using location risk assessment and management techniques to ensure continued availability, continuity of critical utilities, and the safety of our premises and people through state-of-the-art security systems.

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Natural calamities, endemics, pandemics, and cyber-attack threats pose their own set of challenges that can affect the continuity of an entire business. GeBBS safeguards the uninterrupted and smooth functioning of all centers and services by implementing an effective business continuity plan (BCP). GeBBS’ BCP ensures that our client businesses continue to run smoothly during and after a catastrophe – whether man-made or natural.

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Designing Resilient Solutions and Services
Through Robust Business Continuity Planning

GeBBS recognizes the need for an effective Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to successfully provide uninterrupted support to our clients. We are committed to ensuring our client businesses run smoothly during and after a catastrophe—whether man-made or natural.

The BCP governance team also provides guidance and ensures that necessary resources are devoted to creating, maintaining, and testing the plan for disaster recovery and business continuity.

Recovery Strategy

Level 1

Level 01

Localized disruptions at our facility

Will not last more
than 2 hrs
level 2

Level 02

Disruption at our delivery facility or in pockets around the city

Not likely to last more
than 2 days
Level 03

Level 03

Major disruptions at delivery facility or the site area

Will not last more than
1 week
Level 04

Level 04

Major disruptions affecting city or country, endemic or pandemic
that makes delivery facility non-operational

Will be resolved in
7 days

The BCP governance team may establish a BCP task force to manage Level 3 and Level 4 disaster scenarios.

This task force will oversee the implementation of the continuity plan, which includes arrangements for transportation, personnel safety, lodging, and other logistics.

The BCP task force will consist of managers, operation directors, HR, IT, compliance and client services.

GeBBS makes a provision for “cold sites” — backup sites that will be activated if regular delivery sites need to be shut down or are deemed unusable or inaccessible. These backup cold sites may be in different cities and countries.

If we cannot activate a cold site, we shift employees to a work-from-home (WFH) model.

GeBBS has strict quality and performance parameters as well as reporting and communication protocols in place for the WFH and cold sites models to ensure that we don’t compromise our benchmarks and standards.

As soon as we receive permission from the local health authorities, we will shift our employees back to our facility.

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