Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) at GeBBS

GeBBS is committed to sustainability through focus on Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) framework.

ESG Focus Areas Are Deep-rooted & Integrated In Our Operations, Policies & Procedures

Our CEO’s Vision

Our CEO’s Vision

Company’s vision is to be a market leader in providing end to end innovative healthcare business solutions by combining technology and service excellence in partnership with our clients. Company intends to create sustainable value for self and stakeholders by responsible business conduct. Company ESG initiatives will aim to achieve:

  • Green Earth
  • Diverse & Skilled Workforce
  • Support healthcare education needs of underprivileged sections of society
  • Good Corporate Governance

Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Company identifies the ESG focus areas where it has material impact given its business conduct. Approach that is followed includes:

  • Internal management discussions & references to industry standards on ESG for IT/ ITES and Healthcare industry.
  • Understanding the needs of our key stakeholders that include Customers, Employees, Investors and Society at large.
  • Keeping in mind compliance to regulatory and governance environment in all the countries that Company operates.
  • Risk assessment practices and understanding the levers that are influenced by Company and can impact its operations.

Value Creation Through ESG

Company has identified below focus areas to measure, monitor and more importantly create value through positive impact achieved by managing the risks surrounding these areas:

GeBBS understands its responsibility to the eco-system in which it exists and the benefits of sustainability. Company measures & monitors the below ESG areas to create value through positive impact on these.

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