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GeBBS helps you stay on top of your billing and claims follow-up processes in the ever-changing landscape of healthcare revenue cycle management.

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Our technology-enabled solution, along with our highly skilled staff, empowers your organization with
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Reduction in AR days


Reduction of aged AR (>90 days)

Our Technology-enabled
Business Office Solutions

Inefficient business workflow, untimely follow-up, and sub-optimized claim status tracking are all factors that hurt a healthcare organization’s revenue cycle.

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions deliver unique end-to-end services that address a broad number of healthcare accounts receivable needs. Our technology-driven workflow processes through iAR provide improved accuracy, higher output, and proven efficiencies — at significantly reduced costs. With deep expertise in billing, collecting, resolving, and managing AR, our customized solutions cut through the complexity of claims submission and account resolution. Our root cause analysis improves operational excellence. GeBBS Business Office Solutions are scalable for quick and easy access to a large pool of qualified healthcare experts that work directly in all systems.


Enterprise coding solution
  • 100%

Collections vs plan (month on month)
  • 20%+

Reduction in AR days

Deployment of proprietary workflows for cash acceleration strategy

Detailed dashboard with specific KPI metrics for CFOs, supervisors, and collectors

Robust solutions for system wind-down, legacy AR, and exception management

Flexible solutions that can host client software like Epic, Cerner, NextGen, GE, and multiple input formats (Excel, CSV, PDF)



Collections achieved for total outstanding


Reduction of aged AR (>90 days)

Mitigating denials is essential for a financially healthy revenue cycle. Claims can be denied for a variety of reasons, such as exceeding filing deadlines, inappropriate appeals, incomplete information received from the clinic or facility, and insufficient documentation. The GeBBS denial management team is efficient at addressing both technical and professional fee denials. Our proprietary iAR workflow tool seamlessly integrates denials management solutions uses an automated decision making algorithm thereby driving Direct to Action resolutions for advanced denial reporting and integrated denial-driven worklists. This ensures that all denials are processed within 14 days from the date of denial.


Enterprise coding solution
  • 100%

Denials addressed within 7 days
  • 85%

Accounts resolved in 90 days from date of placement

Dedicated coding team and help desk to promptly address coding-related denials

Resolution reports to monitor weekly resolutions, collection reports to check payments of denials

Claim adjustment reason code (CARC) and Remittance advice remark codes (RARCs) analysis for frequently denied claims

Deep dive denial analytics on payor, patient, coding and provider denials


48 hours

To resolve all clearing house rejections
Healthcare providers that do not declare and rectify overpayments can default under the False Claims Act and be barred from federal healthcare programs. GeBBS offers a specialized credit balance resolution group coupled with our proprietary iCB platform. Our solutions are proficient in prioritizing and processing credit balance backlogs, rectifying incorrect adjustments and erroneous credits, and catching misused debit codes. A dedicated team follows up on the status of the refund packets and ensures timely adjustments are taken in the system. All GeBBS analysts are diligent and well-trained to ensure outstanding credit balances are accurately resolved expeditiously.

Enterprise coding solution
  • 50%

Decrease in cost

  • 99%

Resolution efficiency

Highest levels of security, with a SSAE 16 Type II internal-controls audit and HIPAA compliance

Reduced Skilled credit balance analysts designated as certified patient account technicians (CPAT) from AAHAM

Standard work order strategy implemented across federal, commercial and patient credit balances

Implementation of credit balance tool to identify and track incorrect posting vs. true refunds



Resolved in credit balances


Experienced credit balance analysts
Cash application discrepancies usually arise due to incorrect adjustments or payments posted in the system, inability to post payment batches before month-end processes, and incorrect notes updated on co-pays or co-insurance. GeBBS’ payment posting dashboard helps you stay on top of your cash applications by highlighting payment variances and enabling timely and accurate payment posting. It tracks batch closure status — open/close, posting status with Turnaround time (TAT), missing checks/patients, and unapplied and unidentified payment status by payor and facility or clinic.

Enterprise coding solution
  • $7 billion

In A/R every month

Daily reconciliation of bank deposits – payment logs and posting in system

Effective processing of ERA kick-outs and manual posting within TAT

Implementation of a payment posting dashboard that can track missing checks/patients and unapplied/unidentified payment status by payor or facility

Unbilled claims, untimely rejection processing, and unpaid/underpaid collections can severely affect your revenue cycle. GeBBS’ business solutions powered by our proprietary iAR technology has a standard governance and operating structure to ensure clean claims are billed. GeBBS ensures that system scrubber, clearing house, and payer rejections are worked on a daily basis. Trends for rejections are identified, and root cause analysis is shared with the front office to fix the gaps, avoiding future rejections. GeBBS also implements a claim submission dashboard to track the status of each claim by provider, patient, and payer.

Enterprise coding solution
  • 80%

of claims are resolved within 90 days
  • 23%

Reduction in A/R days

Achieve higher first-pass claims ratio

Track contract-related issues by payers with underpaid analysis tool

Identify trends for claim rejection using analytics

Improve timely refiling and appeals to help resolution and liquidation of underpaid claims

Payor behavior analytics to identify focus areas for recovery efforts

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the self-pay portion of a healthcare provider’s receivables increases significantly. Analytics that support self-pay collections can have a dramatic impact on your overall collection efforts. Implementing GeBBS’ outsourced, end-to-end, back-office solution can help you survive in this new world of high-deductible insurance plans.

Enterprise coding solution
  • 75%

Less expensive to collect payments instead of in-house hospital efforts
  • 18%

Higher collections vs. in-house for existing clients

Analytics to support self-pay collections and improve overall collection efforts

Expertise in multi-specialty collections and billing, knowledge in all Medicaid state plans, managed care plans, government-funded programs, third-party insurance, and Medicare billing rules

Ability to identify patient’s responsibility upfront, prior to delivery of services with proper eligibility and benefit verification

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