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GeBBS Foundation, a non-profit organization, promoted by the GeBBS group, actively works to improve health standards and reduce poverty for the underprivileged. The foundation established a single-minded focus: empower the underserved communities in rural India by providing access to better healthcare, better education, and better livelihoods.


Our CEO and MD, Mr. Milind Godbole, envisioned a significant environmental objective: to plant trees equal to our employee count. We are proud to have achieved this goal by planting 14,140 tree saplings in various locations near Mumbai and Aurangabad. Our underlying objective is to enhance the green cover while also nurturing fruit-bearing trees. Our focus ahead is to maintain a survival rate of 90% while planting more trees.


Our initiatives include comprehensive care for breast and cervical cancer, cataract surgeries, malnourishment, women’s health and hygiene, and adolescent health. To date, we have made a significant impact on the lives of over 16,000 individuals by providing crucial services such as anaemia detection, BMI tests, cataract surgeries, free eye checkups, pap smear tests, mammography, cancer detection and treatment, as well as various health and hygiene awareness sessions.


While our primary CSR initiatives are concentrated in the vibrant cities of Mumbai, Aurangabad, and Hyderabad, we are dedicated to extending our reach to the underserved and underdeveloped regions across the country. We aspire to broaden our footprint, contributing meaningfully to the progress and well-being of communities in need.


We strongly believe that well-rounded education to empower young minds. Over the past two years, GeBBS volunteers have wholeheartedly devoted their invaluable time and efforts to engage with young children. They have collectively distributed school kits, participated in school visits, and engaged in art and craft activity with kids. Over the past two years, we have distributed 5500 school kits, impacting over 22500 children and close to 100 schools by supporting them with innovative and advanced educational resources.

NADE Collaboration with GeBBS

We have collaborated with the National Association of Disabled’s Enterprises (NADE) – a national level Non-Governmental Organization.
As a part of this collaboration, we bought 1000 umbrellas which were assembled by the specially-abled people at the NADE workshop in Vikhroli, Mumbai.
Here is what the representatives at NADE have to say about the initiative by GeBBS and the impact it is likely to have.
The initiative is an attempt by us to make a positive difference to the society, one step at a time.
#SpeciallyAbled #Empowerment

Joy of Giving

At GeBBS, the Joy of Giving isn’t just about donations, it’s about changing lives!  Every year in December, our amazing employees across locations pour their hearts into filling stockings with groceries, clothes, and stationery for children in rural areas. The smiles on each little face are our reward!

A big thank you to all our volunteers who made this possible! Together, we’re spreading joy, one act of kindness at a time.  #JoyofGiving #GivingBack #MakingADifference

Ongoing Impactful Initiative

Cervical Cancer Health Checkup

Cervical cancer is often caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). With regular health screening, abnormal cells in the cervix can be detected and treated before they lead to cervical cancer. However, in rural India, women lack awareness and regular screenings to help prevent cervical cancer. Our cervical cancer screening program uses a focused cluster approach to reach affected populations. Our program serves 50 villages throughout the Aurangabad and Jalna districts of Maharashtra. We partner with governmental and local authorities, hospitals, corporations, philanthropists, local rotary clubs, lion’s club, and other NGOs involved in similar programs.

Number of women to be screened
Villagers attended the Health Checkup Camps
Pap smear screening locations
Targeted establishment of Arogya banks
Ongoing Impactful Initiative

Dancing for Safe Haven

Nearly 40% of the homeless population in the US includes families with children. Safe Haven is the premier shelter-to-housing program for families facing homelessness in Middle Tennessee. Dancing for Safe Haven is an extremely popular charity event that has sold out in the local community for the past ten years. Through a fun-filled evening of dance, dinner, and celebrity interactions, we help Safe Haven raise funds to address family homelessness. Many enthusiastic community leaders, philanthropists, business leaders, and professionals lend their time and support year after year through Safe Haven. With GeBBS’ support at Dancing for Safe Haven, Safe Haven Family Shelter successfully helped over 300 families in 2020.

Past Impactful Initiative

Pink Pint Nights: A Breast Cancer Screening Initiative

Hosted by Charlotte Radiology and NoDa Brewing, the Pink Pint Night is a much-anticipated community event to fight against breast cancer. GeBBS Healthcare Solutions’ active involvement in this event helps raise vital funding for essential screening and diagnostic mammograms for local, uninsured women through the Levine Cancer Institute: Project Pink. This project will provide 30+ mobile screening days annually to communities that need it the most.

Founded in 2011, Levine Cancer Institute: Project Pink and Project Pink Plus provide free screenings and diagnostic mammograms to more than 1,000 local uninsured women each year. Charlotte Radiology’s mobile mammography program works with the Levine Cancer Institute to bring state-of-the-art early breast cancer detection technologies to underprivileged communities.


Hear From Those Who Have Helped Us
Empower the Community


Mahesh Jagtap

Volunteer, GeBBS Foundation

“The year 2020 has put all of us in a state of overwhelming fear. With the entry of COVID-19 and then the virus spreading like a wildfire, it was difficult for everyone, but more in the rural areas. To stop the spread the entire nation went on a lockdown. Since the lockdown brought all activities to a halt, there have been several stories of people struggling to find even a morsel of food and of migrant workers left stranded, among others.
At this time ,it was GeBBS Foundation who came forward with their fabulous plan – Project Annapurna. Through this project various food kits and groceries were distributed to the people in Aurangabad and Jalna. I was one of the volunteers who participated in this project. I must say that I am fortunate to be a part of this project. GeBBS Foundation gave me the opportunity to distribute food and other necessities to the people in the rural areas during the pandemic. I have been a witness to the smile on every face, when I along with other GeBBS Foundation volunteers distributed the food kits to the rural people in Aurangabad and Jalna. This Annapurna project was one of best activities I have ever witnessed. I wish to be a part of such noble endeavors. Thank you, GeBBS Foundation.”


Vishnu Aadhe

Volunteer, GeBBS Foundation

“While working at GeBBS Healthcare Solutions I came to know about GeBBS Foundation, and I was very keen to work with this NGO. I always wanted to be associated with an NGO which aims to bring a revolution in healthcare and education, and I believe that GeBBS Foundation is the perfect institution to be with. This is an NGO that works for Healthcare and Education for the people in the rural areas of Aurangabad and Jalna. They have a well-equipped mobile van in which different doctors and nurses from MGM and Hedgerware hospitals visit different villages and conduct health check-up camps.
I have been a part of this NGO for almost 6 months, and I am fortunate to be associated with GeBBS Foundation. In this short span, I have volunteered for various health awareness camps, and I must say that it gives me immense pleasure to help the people in the rural areas. I feel content when I see a smile on their face. I would like to thank GeBBS Foundation for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this noble cause. I would like to appeal to everybody out there. Join us and let us together help create a better world today with GeBBS Foundation.”

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