iCode Workflow

iCode Workflow (iCW) is an intelligent coding workflow software that enhances coder performance and improves the overall coding process. iCW accepts any kind of input source with built-in functionalities of customizing and mapping incoming data fields.  It creates and supports business rules based on client requirements and generates output into a customized format compatible with client systems.  As a one-stop coding solution, iCW provides a single platform with integrated coding quality assurance built in to the workflow, exception management tools, and a platform that helps communicate a variety of standard and configurable reports at the aggregate and individual levels with providers and other stakeholders.
Features include:

  • Accepts various inputs (including HL7, DOC, DOCX, CSV, PDF and TIFF-scanned paper reports)
  • Consolidates disparate systems data into a single workflow solution
  • Works across all specialties
  • Secure, cloud-based solution – access anywhere, anytime
  • User/client administration control
  • Comprehensive dashboards and reports (Productivity, TAT, Quality, Exception, Batch Status, etc.)


News Release | June 9, 2015