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GeBBS’ RPA strategy involves a strong focus on identifying process gaps and implementing workflow optimization measures. We offer extensive RPA process automation solutions to improve employee satisfaction and reduce errors.

Robotics are being adopted in healthcare to improve aspects of patient care. Robotic process automation (RPA) challenges organizational leaders and stakeholders to think beyond the antiquated human-centric approach to other areas of healthcare like coding and administrative processes.

GeBBS’ successful RPA deployments

RPA uses a set of rules and algorithms to complete repetitive tasks that are prone to errors. RPA is a healthcare automation solution that helps reduce manual data entry, assists with pre-authorizations, automates simple claim denials, and improves the customer experience through chatbots.

  • In Demo entry and Insurance verification with 30 BOTS deployed. This has enhanced the efficiency and productivity.
  • 40 Bots for different processes of denial management, status, ERA, Download, EOB Text Extraction
  • For Payment Posting and Charge entry sceanarios, 12 Bots have been deployed
  • 04 Appeal Bots “Anyone can appeal” for different payers

How GeBBS uses Bots


Data Migration and Validation

Assists in data migration from one PMS to another. Field-by-field mapping and data transfer verification. Benefit : $16K per year and $51 per year


Refund Packet

Auto-sequence and merge refund packets and upload them to the end system.
Benefit : 35-40% saving on efforts
$17K per year


Clearing House

Download ERA from the clearinghouse and process the ERA data into the system.
Benefit : $37K per year


EOB Text Extraction

Auto extract data (patient information, etc.) from the EOBs.
Benefit : 30-35% effort reduction
$233K per year

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