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Business Process Modeling (BPM) is a cornerstone of organizational success and has profound value beyond cost optimization and process efficiency in healthcare. 

Business Process Modeling

Combines deep industry knowledge and analytics to provide tailored solutions with far-reaching impact

BPM is a systematic adoption of an integrated process management system (PMS) that enables your organization to increase standardization, provide better oversight, and improve the execution of business process workflows.

BPM in healthcare can identify administrative and revenue-related processes and workflows that can be digitized, optimized, and automated as part of an organization-wide PMS implementation.

BPM has continuously helped organisations to

Increase productivity

Reduce operational costs

Delivers profound business value

Eliminate process overheads

Achieve competitive advantage

Optimize operational costs

GeBBS’ Multi-pronged BPM Approach

Our BPM modeling optimizes your key business processes and aligns them to your organizational goals and objectives by introducing and implementing process improvement concepts and tools. We also provide tangible data in the form of “effectiveness measurement metrics.” This helps you continuously monitor key processes, keep an eye out for deviations and outliers, and address them in real time.


Helps to simplify, streamline, and automate key processes that support increased productivity and the overall quality of process outcomes.

Cost Optimization

Our solutions combine deep industry knowledge of different business verticals, technological sophistication, and an appetite for calculated risks. These characteristics are paving the way for alternative (and better) pricing models.

Value Driven

We execute our proposed strategies using value-driven, multi-staged process deployment. This helps organizations realize immediate and tangible results while slowly embedding BMP capabilities.

GeBBS’ BPM Impact Across Organizations


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