Drive Patient Satisfaction With Streamlined Patient Contact

Our technology-enabled services and a team of highly skilled customer-service professionals guide patients through scheduling, eligibility verification, pre-authorization, and self-pay collections from start to finish.

Deliver a Seamless and Simplified Patient Experience

GeBBS leverages technology and workforce management to reduce abandonment rates and increase first-call resolution with a customer-focused approach. Our solutions help improve collection outcomes, reduce the turnaround time, lower your costs, and increase revenue.


Increase in monthly collections within 1 month


Cost savings compared to in-house provider call center

Our End-to-End
Patient-Centric Services

Pre-authorization has become increasingly daunting. The tedious approval processes required by both government and commercial payers can be a burden to providers with limited human and technological resources. GeBBS’ team of registered nurses and other clinical experts are familiar with Medicaid state plans, managed care plans, government-funded programs, third-party insurance, and Medicare billing procedures. This knowledge helps to reduce handoffs for peer reviews in case of carrier denials and integrates best practices — empowering you to tackle pre-authorization processes with ease.

Enterprise coding solution
  • 1.2M

Calls managed annually for eligibility
and benefit verification.

  • 300K+

Pre-authorizations managed annually

Real-time status of authorization requests by payers

Authorization requests within 48 hours

U.S. Registered Nurses and highly skilled resources for authorization verification, thorough peer review process, and enhanced accuracy

With the evolution of healthcare consumerism, an excellent patient experience is integral to a healthcare organization’s revenue cycle. Our customer-focused solutions provide a seamless experience starting with the first call a patient makes to your organization. Our highly skilled professionals, coupled with advanced technology, help resolve patient issues and queries quickly and accurately, ensuring increased first-call resolution and reduced abandonment rates.

Enterprise coding solution
  • 90%

Calls answered within 20 seconds
  • 800+

Experienced call center professionals

Increased patient satisfaction

Scalability to meet increasing volume

Coverage seven days a week

More hours of operation during the day to cover all U.S. time zones



Average cost savings per call


First call resolutions

With the Affordable Care Act, insurance and eligibility verification is critical. Identifying patient responsibility upfront is essential to managing receivables. Without proper eligibility and benefit verification, countless downstream problems are created — delayed payments, reworks, decreased patient satisfaction, increased errors, and nonpayment. To ensure focused service, GeBBS’ eligibility verification solutions give daily reports and ensure that all verification checks are performed for patients prior to their appointments. Our solution consists of expert staff, efficient management, and proprietary technology that enhance productivity.

Enterprise coding solution
  • 1.2M

Calls managed annually for eligibility
and benefit verification
  • 30 Mins

Turnaround time for emergent cases

7 days of operations

2-hour turnaround time for walk-ins

Automated patient follow-up and collections

Inpatient, outpatient and specialty-focused services

24 hours of operations if required

Patient scheduling is key to improving the patient experience before and after the visit.

GeBBS patient scheduling improves performance in late cancellations, no shows, patient referral status and patient volumes. Our exceptionally talented staff works flexible schedules to manage calls for appointments. GeBBS also provides patient insurance assistance and point of service collections.

Enterprise coding solution
  • 24x7

Expanded hours coverage
  • 48K

Calls for order intake handled annually for DMEs

Patient insurance assistance

Point of service collections

Dashboard to track scheduled patient visits, visits history, late cancellations, and no-shows

Expanded hours to cover calls 24/7

Self-pay bad debts are on the rise. Providing patients with convenient payment options and timely payment reminders can help. The GeBBS self-pay teams use analytics-driven solutions to chart “best time to call” and “propensity to pay” scores for patients. These data are used intelligently to design non-obtrusive, patient-oriented outbound campaigns that result in higher patient connect ratios.

Enterprise coding solution
  • 500K

Outbound calls managed annually for self-pay and AR
  • 400K

Inbound patient calls handled annually

Turnkey self-pay solutions

Average time to cash reduced by 33%

Technology-enabled practices such as automated dialers, digital messaging campaigns and mobile technology to maximize patient contact



Increase in collections


Decreased bad debt placement
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