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The iCB platform is highly proficient in prioritizing and processing credit balance backlogs, rectifying incorrect adjustments and erroneous credits, and catching misused debit codes.

Did You Know?

Healthcare providers that do not declare and rectify overpayments are in default under the False Claims Act. They can be barred from federal healthcare programs, which has serious fiduciary and financial ramifications.

Incorrect adjustments, erroneous credits and misuse of debit codes — these make credit balance quite challenging. The task requires precision, attention to detail, and a focus on operational excellence. GeBBS has built strong working relationships with our clients to consistently meet their needs to prioritize and process credit balance backlogs.


Average cost savings Managing credits


Accuracy in identification and resolution


Increase in productivity for CB analysts


resolved in credit balances

How iCB
Empowers Our Solutions

The GeBBS iCB platform is an automated workflow tool that helps credit balance reconciliation by automating functions such as tracking and trending credits, root-cause analysis, accurate and timely resolution, and the creation of provider specific customizable refund packets. The iCB platform efficiently manages current credit balances and also helps prevent future credit balances while decreasing operating costs by reducing the allocated staff and more than doubling productivity.




Accuracy in identification and resolution


Experienced credit balance analysts


Average cost savings in managing credits

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