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Expert Coding Can Ensure You Are Maximizing Your Revenue Cycle

Coding Operations

Declining reimbursements are one of the biggest challenges healthcare providers face today. Ask any physician or hospital and they will tell you about the daily struggle of getting paid for their services. However, many healthcare providers are leaving a significant amount of money on the table by under coding.

To be correctly reimbursed for their services, providers have to code procedures accurately so insurers will pay them the agreed-upon amount. Over coding and under coding both occur when providers aren’t coding correctly and both can result in serious consequences. While over coding can lead to an audit, under coders risk being charged with Medicare noncompliance.

Studies have found that around one-third of visits were under coded according to accompanying written documentation, and about half were under coded based on documentation of medical decision making. An astounding 80% were under coded based upon the number of problems presented by the patient during the visit.

Evaluation and management services in family medical practices are often under coded compared to the actual services provided. Under coding can occur when doctors don’t consider problems mentioned by patients, and when they don’t document additional work done with patients.

Under coding may forestall an audit, but it also causes practices to leave thousands of dollars on the table every year.

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions with our 2,000+ coders can assure you do not leave money on the table with one of our FlexSource-final-logo-RGB solutions. Our experienced and certified coding team will provide a customized coding solution to meet your specific needs. You can pick the delivery location that meets your specific scope, preference and budget. Whether you need coders onshore or offshore or in both locations the choice is yours. In addition to that you get access to our technology and best practices as part of the solution.

GeBBS coders use our proprietary iCode_Workflow_Logo coding software, which enables faster and more accurate coding. In addition, coding quality is monitored and improved using our proprietary iCA-logo-300dpi-01 coding audit software.

iCode_Workflow_Logo (iCW) is an intelligent coding workflow software that enhances coder performance and improves the overall coding process. iCW accepts any kind of input source with built-in functionalities of customizing and mapping incoming data fields. It creates and supports business rules based on client requirements and generates output into a customized format compatible with client systems. As a one-stop coding solution, iCW provides a single platform with integrated coding quality assurance built in to the workflow, exception management tools, and a platform that helps communicate a variety of standard and configurable reports at the aggregate and individual levels with providers and other stakeholders.

To ensure you are always coding at the exact appropriate level, GeBBS’ iCA-logo-300dpi-01 provides a comprehensive, customizable medical coding audit SaaS solution. With built-in workflow, interactive audit management dashboard, detailed scorecards, and robust reporting, it optimizes and accelerates the coding audit process. For hospitals and providers, it improves overall coding quality and compliance while providing the ability to access audited and scored records for education, review and process improvements. Based on OIG audit methodology and AHIMA’s best practices standards, it supports accurate and compliant coding for both facility and professional fee records.

Trust GeBBS Healthcare Solutions to ensure you are not leaving any revenue – that you deserve – on the table.

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