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Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Assistance Comes in Many Forms


When it comes to revenue cycle management (RCM), you need an outsourced medical billing partner that understands all aspect and nuances of the billing process.

Recently, a large radiology billing services company, located in the Northeast U.S., faced a unique billing challenge. The company had been in business for more than 20 years and serves over 600 individual radiologists located in 30 states. The company focuses on addressing the unique needs of practicing radiology physicians by providing them with proven management, business processes and advanced technology to support the physicians’ operations, effectively and efficiently.

However, the company had literally hit a “productivity challenge wall,” because of the need to meet the demographic data entry requirements of individual billing clients who all had multiple sets of instructions for each of their physicians. The company’s billing workflow and productivity were being severely hampered by this data entry problem.

At this point, the company called in a medical billing outsourcing provider that examined their unique demographic data entry requirements. The outsourced medical billing organization created a custom application that was able to handle the demographic data input for the billing company’s multiple clients.

The outsourcing company provided a solution where the billing company’s demographic entries could be done offline and then synchronized with the billing company’s existing IT system. This reduced the loading time and decreased IT system utilization. The cost of creating/deleting/modifying accounts was also significantly reduced.

In the final analysis, the customized solution increased overall productivity while decreasing costs.

The outsourcing company’s custom solution accepted data input and generated a CSV output per each client’s requirements. The application was customized to handle the large variety of the clients’ specifications. The billing company provided their demographic image files and the outsourcing company returned their output in a CSV (Comma Separated Values) format, which was then loaded into the billing company’s IT system.
The application was configured in such a manner that when a user selected the dataset appropriate to their needs, the system automatically configured the specifications accordingly to their particular dataset and disabled those fields that were not applicable to their demographic work. The application has been successfully managing the demographic work for the billing company for almost two years.
The solution provided has increased the billing company’s productivity levels by 20-25 percent when compared to directly entering the demographic data into their IT system. They have also been able to eliminate delays in data entry due to system slowness in accessing the online data set, as well as providing ease of navigation and functionality that has been designed for faster accessibility. Formatting accuracy of the CVS output was increased to 99.9 percent.

The solution has not only reduced the cost of data entry by over 20 percent, it also provides zero cost for account maintenance.
When you have a unique billing challenge, be sure to call on a medical billing outsourcing partner who not only understands your challenge, but can provide a solution to it.

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