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Security Reigns Supreme at GeBBS


Implementing health information technology in a secure manner is an extremely important issue in the healthcare industry.  To remain effective and efficient, healthcare providers must utilize the latest information technology solutions.  These IT solutions require the electronic storage and transmission of sensitive patient data. They must be designed, implemented and maintained with advanced IT security measures to ensure proper risk management and compliance with governmental regulations.

Here at GeBBS we take our security responsibilities seriously. We have become a recognized leader in the design and maintenance of optimal IT security systems. As an example of this leadership, our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Veerendra Sheregar, was recently selected as a 2013 finalist for the world-wide Top 100 CISO List. Veerendra was recognized for incorporating and implementing innovative information security solutions into GeBBS’ IT systems that assist the company’s customers in confidently and securely transacting business with GeBBS.

Under Veerendra’s leadership, the company’s IT solutions were singled-out for their robust and effective information security practices, which have the right balance of proactive and intelligent security processes, coupled with a strong monitoring framework, with an emphasis on data protection as a part of ISO 27001 implementation.  We thought that this recognition provided a good opportunity to talk with Veerendra about IT security and the role it plays at GeBBS.

Why do you feel that security plays such an important role in information technology delivery systems? “The elements of risk and doing business have always been inseparable, but new information security risks pose unknown challenges.  This is particularly true for healthcare information.  It must be protected with the very highest security measures. At GeBBS, information security procedures, related to the use of the Internet and e-commerce, play an extremely important role in protecting patients’ healthcare information.”

What gives you the greatest satisfaction in your role as CISO?  “I think getting the right information to the right people at the right time, securely, efficiently and effectively gives me the most job satisfaction.”

How do you feel about the recognition of making the TOP 100 CISO List?  “With all the increasing pressures on security standards to manage information policies and procedures, I’m proud to be included on the TOP 100 CISO List on the behalf of GeBBS HealthCare Solutions.”

“I would like to add that this recognition comes to me as part of my work — the entire GeBBS team – is dedicated to providing our healthcare clients with the very best security measures, while providing them with the IT systems they need to improve their business and clinical processes.”

About the TOP 100 CISO List Award

The Top 100 CISO Awards were created by InfoSecurity Magazine partnering with iViZ Security, a cloud-based penetration testing service to recognize executives who have demonstrated outstanding initiatives in using information security practices and technology to secure their business and mission critical information in the most effective manner.

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