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Trusted Medical Billing Outsourcing

Since 2005, GeBBS Healthcare Solutions has served as a leading provider of healthcare Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to a range of healthcare providers.

When it comes to a reliable and trusted medical billing outsourcing partner, GeBBS has a proven track record for accurate work and over a decade of satisfied customers. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping our unique clients succeed through our service delivery leadership, deep domain expertise, proprietary technology and analytics, rigorous compliance & security, and cost-effective approach towards global medical billing outsourcing.

Your Partner for Medical Billing Outsourcing

GeBBS is proud be a partner resource with medical billing companies that are motivated to outsource their workload. These companies are committed to streamlined and efficient processes that follow up on health insurance claims and payment for healthcare providers. Medical billing companies focus on the professional interaction between an insurance company, patients, and a healthcare provider. We understand how important it is to provide seamless support and effective management for your revenue cycle.

Medical billing outsourcing is one of the most important processes that your A/R services must manage. You must ensure that an experienced and professional company completes your medical billing outsourcing. Outsourced medical billing is less expensive and offers improved consistency with right sizing of resource deployment. Since GeBBS is a partner to medical billing companies, we offer both cost effectiveness and a sense of transparency. Our company will always strive to supply you with comprehensive services and support when it comes to your billing operations.

We know that deciding whether or not to outsource your billing can be a challenging decision, as medical billing requires skills, knowledge and a reliable and trusted infrastructure. Our medical billing outsourcing company features dedicated, highly trained specialists that provide fast payments and low denial rates. Our robust processes and infrastructure allow for a unique combination of healthcare industry expertise, technology, and global resources. Our cost-saving medical billing outsourcing services ensure operational efficiency.

In addition to medical billing outsourcing, GeBBS offers a range of services including: eligibility and benefit verification, Medical Coding, Revenue Cycle Management, credit balance resolution, and more. Our service delivery platform is assessed and certified conforming to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards. Our Global Delivery Model makes us the right choice for all of your medical billing outsourcing needs. Our highly-skilled staff makes it possible for you to have a team on your side 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Rest assured our delivery centers are all HIPAA compliant. Our high standards and quality control systems ensure reliable and trusted service. To learn more about GeBBS Healthcare Solutions and our medical billing outsourcing service, please call 888-539-4282 or visit our website.

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