Coding Validation Audits

Hospitals and healthcare providers are faced with profound challenges while trying to achieve revenue goals without jeopardizing quality and regulatory compliance. Having a commitment to coding quality is key to having a successful revenue cycle, and it’s all being tested by the RAC, the MAC, and the transition to ICD-10. How can you be sure that you’re not at compliance risk?  Are you leaving revenue on the table?

A GeBBS documentation and coding audit can help. Our auditors are professionals of the highest caliber.  They are credentialed, experienced, and they are passionate about getting even the smallest details right. We have worked with hundreds of hospitals, physician groups, and other healthcare companies to help them find inefficiencies, eliminate errors, and follow best practices.

A GeBBS documentation and coding audit is comprehensive and relevant. We employ a proprietary and proven methodology that is designed to assess your coding accurately and offer you the opportunity to reach the operational excellence for which you are striving. Post audit, we will provide you with a detailed and customized report outlining our findings on how you can improve your coding accuracy, your clinical documentation, and your reimbursement levels. Our approach assists you with meeting CMS, AMA, AHIMA, and AHA standards.

Hospital & Physician-Based Audits

  • Inpatient
  • Observation
  • Outpatient Surgery
  • Emergency Department
  • Outpatient Ancillary
  • Clinic
  • Hospitalist
  • Physician Office (Multispecialty)
  • Psychiatric

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