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Reimbursements at Healthcare provider organizations have been challenged by regulatory changes, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC), medical necessity requirements and the transition from volume to value. Providers must therefore pay close attention to their medical record documentation and the accuracy of their Medical Coding to ensure prompt and correct reimbursements.

Furthermore, Medical Coding is not just important for reimbursements. ICD-10-CM/PCS and CPT code sets are used to provide greater specificity when tracking public health conditions, reporting chronic conditions associated with the Medicare Risk Adjustment program, MACRA/MIPS, epidemiological research, measuring patient outcomes, making clinical decisions and detecting fraud and abuse. All this has put significant performance pressure on HIM and Medical Coding departments within provider organizations.

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High quality Medical Coding is a key component in HIM Solutions and critical to the success of a Hospital or Physician’s Healthcare Revenue Cycle. Maximizing revenue and meeting HIM Coding Compliance goals with limited resources and archaic technology is a daunting task. GeBBS provides Medical Coding and Medical Auditing solutions to Health Systems, physician groups, IPA’s and Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans. Our HIM coding services and technology are designed to mitigate coding compliance risks and maximize reimbursements.

All our Medical Coders are W-2 employees that go through an extensive recruitment and onboarding process with competency testing and ongoing quality assurance reviews. Our coding foundation was built on American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) principles and majority of our Medical Coders are certified by AHIMA or AAPC.

Our team of over 2500 Medical Coders, Medical Auditors and our iCode Technology Platforms work in unison to improve Coding quality and compliance, lowers DNFB’s and increases revenue. Our clients see their overall cost to collect reduce by over 25%.

GeBBS provides a comprehensive range of HIM coding and HCC coding solutions, serving thousands of hospitals and healthcare organizations nationwide. This diverse portfolio includes the following:

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Denials are a leading source of revenue loss and increased labor costs for healthcare organizations. Hospitals across the country lose approximately $262 billion per year on denied claims from insurers, sparking huge cash-flow issues and recovery costs.

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iCode WorKflow

iCode combines expert workflow technologies, rules-based automation and certified coders to guarantee accuracy rates of 95%+.

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iCode Assurance

iCode Assurance provides the means to improve overall coding quality and compliance with a comprehensive SaaS solution.

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