As Telehealth Expansion Continues, How to Ensure You are Getting the Most from Your Program

Posted in Health Information Management (HIM), Healthcare Technology

Telehealth adoption has skyrocketed this year due to COVID-19 – putting the industry’s growth at a higher rate than anyone could have anticipated at this same time a year ago. In fact, recent reports highlight that April 2020 telehealth claims were up 8,300% over April 2019 claims for those with private insurance (excluding Medicare and …

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A User’s Guide to Billing & Coding for Telehealth During COVID-19

Posted in Health Information Management (HIM)

Billing and coding has never been a simple process, but adding COVID-19 and rapidly changing CMS guidelines related to telehealth and you have the recipe for confusion – particularly for many busy practices and providers who are managing newly implemented telehealth technology, and the staffing and safety concerns that come with balancing daily operations and …

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The Impact of COVID-19 – Maximizing Performance and Weathering the Storm

Posted in GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

Within a matter of weeks, COVID-19 has not only taken more than 15,000 lives in the U.S. alone, but it’s taken on the entire global economy with a vengeance. For healthcare organizations, COVID-19 is requiring a multifaceted response that many health systems just don’t have the resources to handle.  Not only do hospitals have to …

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