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Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) Catches On, Delivering ROI & High Marks for Customer Satisfaction


According to KLAS Research, a leading healthcare IT data and insights company, 94 percent of users who have invested in computer assisted coding would buy it again if given the choice. Based on a research study published in late August, hospitals and health systems are really now starting to realize the many benefits of computer assisted coding. This shifting perception comes 15 years after the technology was introduced with skepticism and mixed reviews. This survey demonstrates the progress the technology has made and the undeniable benefits today that are finally being recognized and applauded by its customers.

Benefits of Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) – According to Current Users

Below is a brief overview of the top benefits highlighted by customers of some of the industry’s largest CAC vendors in the market.

Better Financial Outcomes – In numerous studies, evidence supports that computer assisted coding has helped both independent physician practices and large health systems improve a number of key revenue cycle management indicators. These positive changes occur for a number of reasons, including – the increased productivity and speed of coding that results from the use of the CAC technology. Many organizations report a reduction in denials and A/R corrections. Some systems are realizing higher reimbursement due to greater accuracy in coding and the longer-term identification of opportunities for improvement and training as it relates to documentation. Particularly as it relates to CDI, this shift may take months to years to reap the benefits, but it’s well worth the investment in time and effort.

Increased Coding Productivity – Automation will nearly always save time, particularly because the CAC technology is scouring an intense breadth of fields within the medical record – saving time for the coding staff. Many report that computer assisted coding prevents them from having to reenter the same information time and again, or may eliminate the need for transcription – all of which save time. Because the CAC technology is taking over more of the basic, mundane elements of coding, some experts believe the use of this technology has allowed professional coders to elevate their scope of practice to be more thoughtful and strategic.

Coder Accuracy – At a time when hospitals and health systems are struggling to meet financial margins and maintain reimbursement in a value-based world, every penny (and therefore, every code, counts). Recent survey data indicates that financial leaders believe coding (and clinical documentation) is a top vulnerability when it comes to revenue cycle. By analyzing and interpreting text from multiple documentation sources, computer assisted coding helps coders to ensure the appropriate codes are applied to each patient’s encounter. When paired with a professional coder, computer assisted coding helps by establishing an effective set of checks and balances.

Computer assisted coding has come a long way over the past 10+ years. Those surveyed by KLAS cited the following reasons for their high survey markings: improvements in their CAC’s EMR integration, as well as better training and customer support. Others appreciated the technology’s ease-of-use, which has certainly improved significantly over the years and continues to get better with each new version release.

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