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RCM Analytics – Insights Driven Decision Making


There is no second guessing the fact that healthcare payors and RCM providers today have access to truckloads of data which have the potential to give them consistent claim-based, patient and population insights. Unfortunately, most medical providers are restricted along these lines, as provider data is usually disparate, and only specific to its own set of physicians. This data drawback restricts them from access to the big picture that showcases a full range of insights and best practices, that provide learnings across payors and providers alike. In such a scenario, population health-management driven analytics is a solid opportunity that can provide both descriptive and predictive analytics to provider facilities across the country.

From demographically focused, timeline-based trends around patient intakes, seasonal spikes, trends around admissions by diagnosis related groups, to lifestyle driven risk categorization, ER visit trends etc, these insights can help provider facilities manage capacity planning and operational efficiencies better. Integrated clinical and claims data can further help drive improved decision making for providers, driving healthcare costs down which in return is a winning factor for healthcare payors. While retrospective solutions using after-the-fact data can help with aspects like provider education on one hand, concurrent solutions on can help fix problems before they cause any further financial harm on the other.

In addition to improving operational efficiency, payor behavior is yet another area of interest which can help providers maximize their revenue. By tracking payor timelines, denial behavior and categorization across coding, patient, payor, and provider denials, and by leveraging metrics like time to collect, time to resolve and average touches per resolutions in operational decision making – providers can better manage resources and drive an improvement in claim resolution rates.

The healthcare industry has been slow in adopting advances in the analytics space viz-a-viz other industries, but with clinical and claims data being amassed at the rate they are, healthcare analytics now present huge opportunities to drive outcomes and patient/population health management more efficiently than ever before.

Today, analytics focused RCM organizations, like GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, are leading the way in providing actionable intelligence by making available standard analytics dashboard packages along with the added opportunity of customizations thereby easing operational and strategic challenges for its healthcare partners.

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions: Forward Thinking

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions is an innovative leader in health information management (HIM) and RCM technologies that employ AI and RPA.

GeBBS is dedicated to helping its partners realize substantial and measurable cost reduction and productivity improvement through end-to-end solutions that offer diverse automation capabilities as well as real-time reporting and analytics. GeBBS is proud to be rated among Modern Healthcare’s Top 10 Largest RCM Firms, Black Book Market Research’s Top 20 RCM Outsourcing Services and Inc. 5000’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the United States.

Connect with GeBBS Healthcare Solutions today to schedule a demonstration and learn how we can help your organization grow into the future.

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