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Transforming the Business of Healthcare

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The overall theme of this year’s HFMA Annual Conference is “Transforming the Business of Healthcare,” and it is right on target. No other industry is experiencing more evolution and transformational change than healthcare. It seems that the only thing we can count on is change — this is even more true for the business side of healthcare delivery.

Managing change is all about handling the complexity of the process. It is about evaluating, planning and implementing operations, tactics and strategies. It is never a choice between technological or people-oriented solutions, but a combination of both. This is certainly true when it comes to revenue cycle management (RCM).

This period of transformation is precisely the time to engage with a partner who brings a deep understanding of revenue cycle management to the table. GeBBS Healthcare Solutions provides tailored revenue cycle management solutions that cut through the complexity with expertise, operational excellence, and a sophisticated approach. We deliver solutions specific to the clients’ needs and work with their legacy systems, using their tools. GeBBS builds efficient workflow processes with higher output through the use of hybrid solutions that employ both automated technology and the expertise of qualified people.

Serving thousands of hospitals and healthcare organizations nationwide, GeBBS provides end-to-end, comprehensive revenue cycle management solutions from payer credentialing to complete billing and collections services. With many years of RCM experience, our billing experts are well versed in all Medicaid state plans, managed care plans, government-funded programs, third-party insurance, and Medicare billing rules. We follow industry-standard key performance metrics to measure success and integrate best practices, so that you get the value of our proven experience and expertise. Our comprehensive range of revenue cycle management solutions, include:

  • Accounts Receivable (A/R) Management — Lack of skilled resources can lead to a backlog of claims that need to be processed. It is critical to success to have access to a large pool of qualified resources that can work with your organization and understand how to quickly and correctly analyze account history, appeal denied claims, and get timely turnaround to recover on and close out A/R.
  • Credit balance resolution — HFMA calls credit balances the “stealth aircraft of hospital patient accounting.” GeBBS maintains a team specialized in credit balances resolution. Our team is comprised of highly-qualified individuals with hospital accounting backgrounds and strong analytical skills.
  • Denial management – The key to success in denial management is having access to a large pool of qualified denial management resources that can work with healthcare organizations and understand how to quickly and correctly analyze account history, appeal denied claims, and get timely turnaround to recover lost revenue.
  • Extended business office— GeBBS offers comprehensive extended business office (data entry) solutions that take the worry out of the RCM process by improving your efficiency and collections while reducing costs.

Let us help you transform your business side of healthcare delivery. With GeBBS as your partner, there is no reason to fear change – we can help you embrace it and make change work for you!

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