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100% Elimination of Case Backlog while Ensuring Southwest State Reporting Facility Stays Compliant

100% Elimination of Case Backlog

The Client

A specialized cancer center, part of one of the country’s largest healthcare systems, serves as a state reporting facility located in the Southwestern region of the United States. With a history of successful collaboration spanning three years, they have consistently relied on our expertise in cancer registry. This includes abstracting, case finding, and the seamless facilitation of state-mandated reporting, ensuring that their registry remains accurate, up to date, and compliant with regulatory standards.


State Compliance: The state was closely monitoring the facility’s reporting practices regarding potential non-compliance issues.

Case Backlog: A large backlog of unreported cancer cases required abstracting and case finding to bring the registry up to date.

Process Inefficiencies: Existing procedures proved inefficient, resulting in delays in submitting cases to the state.

Cost-Efficiency: Seeking to save on operational costs, the client aimed to outsource their cancer registry operations. However, they needed a solution that would not only cut expenses but also ensure the accuracy and timeliness of their reporting.

Hiring Qualified CTRs: The national shortage of qualified Certified Tumor Registrars (CTRs) created difficulties staffing the department internally.


  1. Ensure compliance after falling behind on state reporting.
  2. Reduce backlog of unreported cancer cases to bring the registry up to date.
  3. Streamline cancer registry processes to ensure accuracy and compliance.
  4. Maintain timeliness and reporting compliance.


Timely Backlog Elimination: Over a 12-month period, our team successfully completed and submitted approximately 900 backlogged cases to the state, ensuring compliance with reporting requirements.

State Compliance: Regular communication with state authorities ensured ongoing compliance and avoided potential penalties.

Streamlined Cancer Registry Operations: The client achieved operational efficiency by outsourcing all of their cancer registry needs to us, ensuring a more streamlined and cost-effective approach to cancer abstracting and case management.

Ongoing Communication: Established a robust communication framework with three dedicated points of contact throughout the engagement to enhance efficiency and collaboration.

Our Approach

MRA (A GeBBS Healthcare Company) effectively eliminated the case backlog while maintaining compliance, showing our commitment to addressing the client’s challenges promptly. The client remains highly satisfied with our services, and we continue to support their abstracting and case finding, fostering a lasting partnership built on success


  1. 100% elimination of case backlog, ensuring that the client was up to date with reporting.
  2. Maintained compliance with state reporting requirements, avoiding adverse actions.
  3. Optimized cancer registry operations, reducing inefficiencies and costs.

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