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Offshore Medical Billing

Offshore Medical Billing Provides Many Benefits

Only a few years ago, health care providers were hesitant to outsource their billing, primarily because they feared a loss of control over their accounting. Those who did consider outsourcing their billing were further hesitant to rely on offshore medical billing, due mostly to misconceptions about the offshore medical billing process. Another concern some had was regarding security of data. That has been overcome with several safeguards that have been implemented for offshore medical billing.

Today, however, offshore medical billing has proven to be one of the smartest business adjustments for any health care enterprise, large or small. In fact, the offshore component of medical billing has proven itself to several healthcare organizations that have streamlined operations, maintained a high level of accountability and improved profitability.

The Boston Globe, in February 2018, published an article citing 25 out of 400 hospitals were outsourcing to an offshore medical coding company. While many hospitals don’t publicly announce it, the use of offshore medical billing companies is growing. It makes good business sense to utilize an offshore medical coding company to keep physician and medical center billings flowing in an orderly fashion.

By engaging a reliable company for your offshore medical billing, you are removing obstacles to your long-term success.

According to the American Health Information Management Association, there are five elements to help you decide if you will benefit from utilizing an offshore medical coding company. Having the following in place:

  • Departmental workflow for remote coding is currently established
  • Remote coding program already actively implemented
  • Remote coding organizational policies and procedures are in existence
  • Technology infrastructure (EHR/document imaging) is established
  • HIPPA (privacy and security) compliance is assured by the vendor being considered

A reduced staff means less is more

When you use an offshore medical billing company, the administrative functions of your current billing department disappears.

What remains is a streamlined, fully accountable, and highly productive offshore medical billing team that is current with all of the latest medical billing requirements and whose sole function is to improve your cash flow and profitability.

But there is more to offshore medical billing than reduced staff overhead. Offshore medical billing also helps you adjust seamlessly to changes in your medical billing volume without the need to hire or release any current staff. And when you outsource to offshore medical billing, you are improving the overall accuracy rate with trained staff, which can have a tremendous impact on cash flow: When billing is not in dispute, it is being processed for payment.

Offshore medical billing leaves you with more time to focus on other part of the back office process, which are keys to your long-term growth.

Trust the offshore medical billing experts

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions provides experienced, trusted offshore medical billing services for a diverse assortment of healthcare enterprises. Our clients benefit from:

  • Real-time dashboard reporting via GeBBS’ proprietary SaaS technology
  • Internal information security audits
  • Comprehensive security
  • A client-centered focus on achieving maximum coding accuracy through continuous improvement of our people and technology

We realize the importance of having quality employees coding and processing billing. Every coding employee must meet stringent requirements to even apply for a coding position. All candidates must have a degree in science with a specialization in biology, biotechnology, botany, microbiology, pharmacy and/or zoology for consideration. Even with a degree (bachelor’s or masters), all employees go through an extensive training process to ensure accuracy of the coding process.

By leveraging our people resources, including more than 6,000 employees, processes, and technology, offshore medical billing with GeBBS helps reduce operating and capital costs, improve cash flow, boost patient and referrer satisfaction, and increase productivity. Our offshore medical billing services help you maintain high patient satisfaction and growth goals while meeting the staffing and technology challenges of outsourced coding: As you expand, we provide the people and processes to ensure a smooth path. There is no limit to the volume of coding we can handle.

Discover what makes GeBBS a leader in outsourced billing and coding services. For more information, call (888) 539-4282 or visit to contact us online.



Chris Toomey | November 18, 2016