At GeBBS, one of our core values and principals is the nimbleness of our application of technology to our client’s business models. As a result, we have been and will continue to develop proprietary workflow technologies and automation tools that can be utilized to increase productivity and quality of work. The result is providing the data, information, and the business intelligence that allow us and our clients to be “more knowledgeable”.

These platforms increase our clients’ visibility into their data, automate their processes, streamline workflow, and provide business intelligence to enhance the decision-making process. They improve quality, efficiency and scalability, while providing the knowledge required for our clients to maintain their competitive advantage. Contact us for the best medical code outsourcing services.

iCode Workflow

Enterprise-wide coding workflow solution that improves and enhances the overall coding process

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iCode Assurance

Fully customizable SaaS coding audit solution that improves overall coding quality and compliance

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News Release | July 23, 2015