The iP2P® (intelligent Paper to Payment) is a comprehensive Business Process Management tool for your charge entry and payment posting outsourcing.

iP2P-screeniP2P fosters a complete alignment between GeBBS and the client. The workflow engine streamlines the outsourcing process by automating the receipt and processing of all paper documents. The client portal provides real-time visibility into production, exception management, and auditing.  The index module gives you access to all charges and explanation of benefits (EOBs) from the web portal.

Some of the features of iP2P include:

  • Automatic import of batches and files for processing
  • Document Management: Index all paper images access them through our web repository
  • Exception management tool facilities the communication process and promotes accountability
  • ProviderNet extends the exception management to your customer
  • Real-time production reporting & dashboards
  • Audit Tool: Log in audit the work that is being performed. See for yourself if we are meeting service levels

News Release | June 9, 2015